• Customers can access Go Greek TV via Computer/PC with a Digital or TV monthly subscription or a purchase of a PREMIUM day pass or Single Game Viewing.

  • To access your subscription on your Computer/PC, we provide two easy-to-use online Web Player options. It is simply a website link (provided by us), where a username and password (provided by us) is needed to gain access.

    • Web Player works best on the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari. Google Chrome is not recommended.

  • Customers can also access their subscription via a VLC player.

  • Once your purchase is complete, our follow up email will provide easy-to-follow steps on how to set up your subscription along with the necessary log-in information to access your channels via laptop/pc.


  • None for Web Player use (link provided by us in follow-up email); or…

  • For VLC access download the VLC player here.