• Customers can access Go Greek TV via Smart TV with a TV monthly subscription.

  • For your Smart TV to be compatible with Go Greek TV, your Smart TV must have access to an App Store and able to download the "Smart IPTV" app. If this app is not available on your Smart TV, contact us with more options on how to connect with your Smart TV.

  • For Smart TV via Smart IPTV App users:

    • First, download the SMART TV app from your Smart TV’s App store.

    • While making your Go Greek TV subscription purchase, on the checkout form, provide your MAC address (found on the Smart IPTV App) in the appropriate field. We will use this number to connect your Smart TV with your Go Greek TV package.

    • For first-time Smart IPTV App users, the App (operated by a third party) has a 7-day free trial period. After the 7-days, the App will require a one-time purchase of roughly 6 Euros to have permanent access to this App.

    • You can pay this one-time fee on the App directly or by following the link to purchase online.

    • Once your free trial on the app has expired, we will need to reconnect your subscription. Please contact us or email us at to reconnect your subscription.

  • Once your subscription is purchased, our follow up email will provide easy-to-follow steps on how to set up your subscription along with the necessary log-in information to access your channels via Smart TV and also on Computer/PC and Phone/Tablet.

  • All TV subscriptions, including Smart TV, come with complimentary Digital access on Computer/PC and Phone/tablet.